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Confidential Disclosures Form (Pre-Visit Information)

Please complete the form below for Lady Barn House School in advance of your child's visit. This form is relevant for taster days, test days and observational visits to the Early Years.

Completion of the form will allow us to ensure that we have everything in place to ensure your child's safety and wellbeing during their visit.

It will be necessary for parents to update the School on any matters as soon as possible as their child moves through the application process and then during their time at the School.

If your child uses any medication on a regular basis, this will need to be brought to school on the day of the visit and handed to the School Nurses - this might include inhalers or an EpiPen.

Pupil Details

Present School or Nursery Details

List of Allowed file types

Medical or educational circumstances that may require special consideration

Consent for administration of paracetamol (Calpol) and antihistamine (Cetirizine) if required.

If administered, the parent will be notified, indicating the name of medication, dosage and time administered.

Additional Needs

Snacks, Drinks and Outdoor Play

For children visiting Prep 5 and 6, please provide a small snack for your child. This must be a healthy, nut-free snack (e.g. crackers, fruit).

Please provide a filled bottle of water for your child.

A coat should be brought along for outdoor play.

Please ensure that both items are clearly named.

Declaration and Contact Details