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Nursery - Application for Attendance

Please complete the form below for Warfield CE Primary School .

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Medical or educational circumstances that may require special consideration

Applications will be processed as follows:-

Where the school receives more applications than places available, children will be admitted in the following order:-

a.    Children with exceptional medical, educational or social needs supported by written evidence from an appropriate professional e.g supported by a doctor.

b.    Children in public care (Children Looked After) or a child who was previously looked after or fostered under an arrangement made by the Local Authority.

c.     Children of staff at Warfield CE Primary School and Nursery where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the nursery is made and/or the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is demonstrable skill shortage.   

d.    Children who have an older brother or sister at Warfield Nursery or Primary. These siblings include children living as siblings in the same family unit, and at the same address as the child, and for whom the applicant has parental responsibility.

e.    Children who live closest to the school – it is important for Warfield Primary School and Nursery to serve the local community and thus priority is given to children who live locally.  This decision will be made on the radial distance (straight line distance on a map) between home and Nursery.  Distances are measured using direct distance calculations within a computer system used by the Bracknell Forest Admissions Team.

f.     Date of Birth order with the oldest children admitted first.

Admission to the Reception class of Warfield School

The offer of a place at our Nursery does NOT give priority to an application made for a school place at Warfield CE Primary.  There is a separate admissions process to apply for a school place and an application for this must be made via the Schools Admissions Team at Bracknell Forest Council.  If a Nursery child is offered a place at school the site will be allocated based on the School Site Allocation Procedure and the site allocated may not be the same as the Nursery site the child has attended.

Cost of session £12.00 over and above the 15 hours free funded sessions (over3’s)

Cost of session £12.00 for Early Starter places (not eligible for 3 year old funding until the following term).

Children are eligible for 15 hours (5 sessions) of FREE Universal Government Funding the term after their 3rd birthday. (see table in the Admission Policy)

If you are are able to claim 30 hours Extended funding you must have a valid eligibility code.

Fees are payable in ADVANCE.  If your child does not attend for any reason fees will still be payable.  A half terms notice is required otherwise the full fees for that term will be charged.

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